Kite Co. Pathfinder Team Best: Naoto, Kanji, and Teddie

2/15/2015 Session Summary

"I bite back to assert dominance."

  • Having dealt with the King of Roses and his fey court, the party must now see to Fort Thorn’s supply lines and resources. Teams from the fort have run across wild owlbears, and refuse to journey deeper into the vale until the beasts are somehow contained.
  • Beren forms a plan. He will travel forward of the party, as to not scare off the owlbears, allowing the beasts to be tracked back to their den. T├írira will cover him from the nearby forest, while the remainder of the party remains a few minutes back, ready to respond to Beren’s aid.
  • Eventually, the owlbear den is discovered, with only a single beast in view. Roaring it’s anger, the beast attacks Beren and fighting quickly brings the party and additional owlbears from inside the cave and the surrounding forest into the combat. The beasts do not offer much of a threat, and our swiftly cut down.
  • Inside the cave, the party finds a clutch of owlbear cubs. The creatures,created from magic, are quite valuable as cubs as, with careful training, they can be domesticated. While Bellanie is content to simply have the cubs put down, a combination of avarice and misguided altruism on behalf of Alucaryn means the party quickly breaks down into squabbling.
  • After a threats, spells and hexes are exchanged, Alucaryn volunteers to simply strap the cubs to her person and carry them back to Fort Thorn herself. Exhausted from fighting monsters and each other, and unwilling to deal with the infrit’s known intransigence, the party trudges back to Fort Thorn, who’s residences are pleased to know the adults are dealt with, and less pleased to see the cubs that may attract what remaining adults that may still yet live.



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