Kite Co. Pathfinder Team Best: Naoto, Kanji, and Teddie

3/15/15 Session Summary

"Nope. Nope! Nope! NopeNopeNopeNope!"

  • In order to harvest the resources of the Vale, the party is first going to have to scout and clear out those locations. First is the forest clearing with the sacred herbs.
  • The herbs are located in a boggy marsh that’s infested with spiders. While clearing out numerous man-sized spiders, a gargantuan spider emerges from the bog’s depths!
  • No, really, it’s a really big spider.
  • Beren, throwing caution to the wind, steps forward and delivers a massive blow to the gargantuan spider. While the attack wounds the beast severely, the spider swallows the damage and mauls the fighter.
  • Bellanie rockets towards the beast’s flank and skewers the beast unleashing a massive blast of electricity killing the creature as it explodes in a massive discharge of magical energy.
  • While Beren collapses from the spider venom pumping through his veins, the remaining spider swarms are easily driven off. Banic is able to get Beren back on his feet and they return to the Fort worn but with the valuable herbs now being accessible.
  • The road through the Vale continues on schedule but Torlgrith informs the party (after a few days of rest) that there was an attack at the trail head. The long-awaited merchant caravan is also do the following day. There’s little rest in the vale!



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