Alucaryn Ravaatris

Jeremy's Character


Alucaryn is a strikingly beautiful woman with a muscular build and tall stature, befitting a former pit fighter and current adventure seeker. Her skin is a deep crimson, making her bright orange eyes stand out all the more. Seeming to some to be like pools of molten metal. She keeps her wavy hair cut just past her shoulders and over her pointed ears. Her bangs cover most of her forehead except where they’re broken by her pair of horns that are few inches long and curve upwards. Like most ifrit her hair seems as though it shimmers and waves as though it were made of fire. Unlike like most ifrit her fashion sense is very subdued, generally preferring pragmatic clothing in grays and browns. However she does favor brass jewelry, usually wearing set of bracelets and earrings. She has fire ink tattoo of the icon of Sarenrae on her left hand.


Alucaryn Ravaatris

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