Bellanie Blackblade

Pyralissa's character.


A female half-elf magus with a severe demeanor.


Bellanie grew up in the River Kingdoms, an enforcer for a criminal enterprise that worked the river shipping and the businesses they served. After the leader of the operation (and Bellanie’s mentor) died she found herself misaligned with the attitudes of her new employers. In the end she killed the new leaders, destroyed their ships and merchandise and fled the country. Bellanie’s mother was an envoy from Kyonin who was ambushed and killed alongside her husband while travelling through the River Kingdoms. Representatives from Kyonin twice approached Bellanie’s “new” family, and twice were politely turned away (once, on Bellanie’s behalf while she was still a child and later as a young adult Bellanie herself turned them away). She knows little of her parents, their life, and whatever interest the Elven kingdom have with her, except that the elves know her as Belliandru and showed enough interest to even bother seeking out a half-elven orphan.

The party only knows that Bellanie had to flee her homelands because of “bad business”, although her mannerisms, attitude and skills are not easily ignored. Bellanie’s attitude has changed since her turbulent youth, but she still has little concern for fools and idiots who find themselves in bad situations. There will always be people like her, or at least what she used to be, and there will always be those who get “worked”. Predators and prey.

Bellanie Blackblade

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