Kite Co. Pathfinder Team Best: Naoto, Kanji, and Teddie

3/1/15 Session Summary

"Sacred" herbs.

  • The fort is approached by a wolf bearing an invitation for the fort’s leadership to meet an “Oakbrow” at a specific location. Torlgrith employs the party to act as official agents of the fort, only asking that no permanent agreements are made.
  • Oakbrow is apparently a druid of some power, who while wanting to preserve Tanglefoot Valley, is not so idealistic as to prevent a reasonable development for what Oakbrow acknowledges would be an important trade route. Oakbrow offers his knowledge of the valley’s resources in exchange for an agreement that only four resource locations would developed at one time.
  • Torlgrith agrees with Oakbrow’s request and the party selects four resources to develop (Adamantine, Cold Iron, Darkwood and Sacred Herbs) in the valley. With the selection made Torlgrith signs an official agreement with Oakbrow.



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